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This option is great for businesses looking to hire product marketing talent ASAP.

  • 10x exposure with featured & highlighted job post
  • Your open product marketing position featured for 7 days!
  • Notify all 10,000 members subscribed to job notifications

1 x 30 day job post

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Scale up

This plan is great for medium to large-sized businesses looking to rapidly scale their product marketing team.

  • 1 Active, Full-Time Job Post, Swap Anytime
  • Pinned for 30 days
  • Highlighted for 30 days
  • Access to Customer Success Team
  • Free consultation with PMA recruitment Team
  • Your open position gets emailed to 90,000 PMMs
  • Your open position gets promoted to 65k followers on LinkedIn

1 x 30 day job post

Job post is highlighted

Job post is pinned to the top for 30 days

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Newsletter Feature (5 available monthly)

  • Feature your open position in our monthly newsletter
  • 5 available each month
  • Hit the inbox of 50,000 PMMs

Newsletter released on the last Tuesday of every month

PMA Outsourced Recruitment

  • Work with the PMA talent team to place the perfect candidate
  • Assisting our partners to fill internal roles
  • Gain access to the worlds largest pool of PMM talent
  • PMA approved & PMM certified candidates
  • Contact Jordan for more info [email protected]
  • T&C differs on salary bracket
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