Senior Product Marketing Manager

Remote (United States) Columbus, OH

Aware is hiring for a Senior Product Marketing Manager on our Marketing Team. Aware is located in Columbus, Ohio but will hire remote in the United States for this position.  

You’ll work in an emerging product marketing group, within an organization that believes in and supports a progressive view of product marketing and empowers it with influence and authority. 


Our Sr. Product Marketing Manager needs to be someone who is exceptional. Someone who has done it, knows how it’s done, why it’s done that way, and has a playbook that can be applied to the work they do here. We want a leader, someone with powerful communication skills; who can influence and persuade; and who feels at home working broadly across departments, being able to voice bold opinions and defend them with strong logic and methodological principles. We want someone who can tell a strong story, who knows how to architect a message, who can move people with a near magical interweaving of both words and ideas. 


Most importantly, you will create meaning. That’s what product marketing is all about, after all… creating meaning. Your product will be perception and influence, and you will be expected to be or become masters of both. 


You will: 

  • Research: Conduct market and segment analysis, competitor analysis (SWOT, gap, etc.), and product analysis to identify market opportunities and vulnerabilities. 
  • Develop Targets and Messaging: Identify target audiences and segments, develop buyer personas, and create positioning and messaging strategies that guide prospects and customers through the entire customer lifecycle. 
  • Launch New Products: Generate sales momentum with the launch of new products/offerings and prepare the organization for bringing these products to the market. 
  • Support Sales Performance: Develop enablement resources to help salespeople, technology partners and resellers target the right audiences with the right message to drive sales performance worldwide. 
  • Improve Marketing Performance: Provide market-driven insights, positioning, messaging and assets that drive awareness and demand for our products. 
  • Increase Customer Value and Renewals: Provide vision, resources, and assets that drive overall customer value and renewals. 
  • Drive Special Projects: You will drive or support other projects as needed. 


  • Trained in the Product Marketing discipline (Pragmatic Institute, level 2, or PMA certified, preferred) 
  • 5-8 years of Product Marketing experience 
  • 5+ years of business-to-business enterprise SaaS experience 
  • Ability to tell a strong story, architect a message, and inspire people with an elegant interweaving of both words and ideas 
  • Have proven experience introducing products into a new product category 
  • Affinity for the versatility needed in a startup 
  • Quick learner 
  • Sincere interest in customer impact, constant innovation, and personal improvement 
  • Marketed or sold to an IT or security audience, preferred 

What Makes This Role Unique 

  • Opportunity to create a new product category 
  • Flexibility to shape content and direction 
  • Extremely collaborative environment between Product, Marketing and Sales teams 
  • Ability to work remotely 
  • Ability to shift gears quickly 

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