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Product Marketing Manager, Life Sciences

San Francisco, CA

Seeking a high-ownership, user-obsessed, and creative First Product Marketing Manager to Join our Team

The convergence of laboratory automation, high-throughput assays, and machine learning is moving the medium of biological discovery to silicon. At LatchBio, we are building the ubiquitous cloud platform to store, visualize and analyze data from biological experiments.

We are 18 engineers and salespeople in San Francisco solving the data bottleneck in biology:

  • Data in biotech has increased 10,000x over the past 10 years
  • AI in biopharma will 20x in 7 years. $200m to $4b, 54% CAGR.
  • We build ubiquitous software, storage, pipelines, & machine learning for all of biology:

Our mission is to build and disseminate the data infrastructure platform of the biocomputing revolution. Today, this is a cloud platform for biotechs to store, process, and visualize data.


Spun out of UC Berkeley in 2021, we spent 9 months on customer discovery, 12 months building the product, and the past 8 months readying our go-to-market. We have achieved:

  • 50+ new biotech companies onboarded in the past 12 months
  • $28m Series A from Lux Capital, Coatue, and General Catalyst
  • Doubling in customer usage every six weeks for nearly a year

Outcomes we’ve delivered (so far):

  • 50% cost savings on cloud (1)
  • 80% reduced time-to-insight for biotechs (2)
  • 300% increase in validated drug targets in a biotechs data pipeline (3)
  • 2x faster drug target screening (4)
  • 2-5 FTE hires saved


We are seeking a high-ownership, user-obsessed, and creative Product Marketing Manager to join our product team. You will be our very first product marketing hire, and will be responsible for building the marketing functionality of the organization from the ground up.

At a high-level, you will be driving:

  • Sales enablement: Creating a range of technical marketing materials that empower our sales and customer success teams to effectively engage with the scientists and bioinformaticians, helping them understand how Latch solves core challenges and the use cases where we are most helpful.
  • Go-to-Market & Product Launches: Collaborating closely with the Product team to facilitate the successful launch of our products. This involves aligning marketing strategies with product launch plans to drive product adoption and success.
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy: Spearheading the development and execution of our inbound marketing strategy from the ground up, ensuring a seamless end-to-end process and bringing in net new customers.
  • Increasing Feature Adoption: Create user guides, technical documentation to educate users about existing and new product features. Additionally, you will be responsible for highlighting value narratives, collecting social proof, promoting offers, and sharing educational content across our customer base.

Who you are:

We are looking for someone with a portfolio of impactful technical and scientific product marketing content and sales enablement materials.

  • Results-oriented and bias towards action: You will be the first marketing hire at Latch and be responsible for building the marketing function from the ground up. To succeed at Latch, you should be comfortable mapping out key objectives and take lead in pioneering initiatives to meet company goals.
  • Technical aptitude: Latch is a technical product for bioinformatics and life sciences. You have experience marketing life sciences or bioinformatics software products to technical audiences, and building relevant content for them. These content can range from scientific case studies, education materials, product documentation & wikis.
  • Natural product sense and intuition: You possess a profound sense of understanding and empathy towards our users, who are bioinformaticians and scientists.
  • Exceptional writing and storytelling skills: You strive to deeply understand the user pain points and generates compelling marketing copy to communicate the value proposition of our product.
  • You are passionate about enabling our users to achieve their goals via a blend of product FAQs, user guides, and documentation.

What your day-to-day may look like:

Enabling Sales and Customer Success

  • Become the go-to person for sales collaterals: Develop a repository of resources (videos, one-pagers, web pages, messaging for sequences in collaboration with the BD team) to enable the sales team to effectively communicate to customers about our product features.
  • Collaborate with Product Manager and the Customer Success team to develop and own a use case bank of materials of how every customer uses the platform.

Creating Go-to-market Strategies for New Products

  • Market Segmentation and Awareness:
  • Continuously research and map the competitive landscape of the market. Build a deep understanding of and maintain resources on Ideal Customer Personas.
  • Create an always-on go-to-market plan & develop marketing programs with a strong focus on winning mindshare to increase awareness (e.g. registrations, downloads, views) and product adoption (usage) for different market segments, from small biotech startups to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Product launches:
  • Collaborate with the Product Manager to synchronize product launches with the overarching marketing roadmap.
  • Formulate strategies and distribution plans for new product launches, including defining success metrics, creating compelling launch content, and optimizing the process to drive product adoption.

Inbound Marketing

  • Build and manage a rich content/editorial calendar that attracts a qualified audience (including website, blog posts, whitepapers, reports, webinars, infographics, etc.)
  • Creating, managing, and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns leveraging SEO, social, inbound marketing, email, mail/print campaigns and events to drive customer acquisition
  • Optimize marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels
  • Establish closed-loop analytics with sales to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into customers, and convert customers

Increasing Feature Adoption

  • Acquire a deep and comprehensive understanding of our product features, functions, and technical capabilities.
  • Work with our Product Manager, Product Designer, and engineers to create FAQs, user guides, and technical documentation to educate customers about product features to increase feature adoption

What we look for

  • Portfolio showcasing successful marketing initiatives for new product launches, persuasive product marketing content, and exemplary product showcases highlighting your expertise in crafting compelling end-user experiences that drive adoption.
  • Experience marketing technical products to technical and non-technical audiences, and building relevant content for them.
  • Experience creating new go-to-market marketing programs for new product launches.
  • Experience effectively driving bottom-up user adoption, and optimizing onboarding flow to drive adoption for new and existing customers.

What it’s like to work at Latch


You perform your best when you feel your best. We’re building a high-performance team and don’t hold back on benefits that make people feel healthy, be fulfilled, and do the best work of their lives:

  • Unlimited PTO policy
  • $5,000 signing bonus
  • $3,000 bonus for each new hire you originally sourced
  • $3,000 annual productivity stipend
  • Every lunch and dinner is paid for
  • 100% premium covered on Cigna’s platinum health plan ($0 premium, $0 deductible) and 75% premium coverage for dependents.
  • 75%-subsidized top-tier dental and vision insurance
  • Ambitious equity incentives
  • 401(k) plan options
  • Company-sponsored professional development
  • Work visa sponsorship
  • Team-wide science reading groups

About the Team:

We are working on huge problems at the most important intersection in history: biology and computation. We are building a team of world-class people, and we are all eager to dedicate a substantial part of our life to solving these problems. The undertaking has a non-trivial risk of failing. But if we succeed we will hugely accelerate scientific progress and aid the creation of therapies for cancer, solutions to global warming, and cures for aging.

We work six days per week — Monday through Saturday — in-person in Mission Bay, San Francisco.

Who You’ll Work With the Most:

You can learn more about us at any of these places!

  1. About Us
  2. Website
  3. Twitter Page
  4. Blog

How to Apply ‼️‼️‼️

  • We would love to get to know you and your work.
  • As the first step, please submit your resume and product portfolio. Your portfolio may consist examples of some of the below:
  • Technical writing and/or product documentation
  • Product marketing copy, blog posts
  • Sales and customer success enablement materials
  • Documents on past go-to-market/ marketing programs for new product launches that you led
  • If you are a design-savvy product marketer, we would love to see any Figma and/or other design showcases.

Visit the Lever link below to submit your resume and portfolio:

LatchBio Lever - Product Marketing Manager

Hiring Process

  • Our hiring process consists of 3 to 4 steps:
  • A first interview: You will meet with our Hiring Manager to assess fit with the needs of the role, typically around the skills and mindset required to be a great first product marketing manager at Latch.
  • A take-home assignment: You will be given a take-home assignment (3-4 hours) to showcase your ability to research user pain points, understand product value proposition, and creating compelling materials.
  • [Optional] A second interview may be required with other team members to evaluate fit.
  • Contracting period: If you pass previous rounds of the interview, you will be invited to contract with us for a few days, so we can trial what it’s like to work with one another! 🎉

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