**What are we doing?**

Managing 5-10 different work apps sucks. That's why we're tackling the $100B productivity software market with Tomo, a powerful tool that brings all of your work apps together in one centralized hub. This includes to-dos, calendars, projects, notes, documents, and other collaborative mediums.

**When did we start?**

We first conceptualized Tomo in April 2020. Like all startups, we started with an idea: having one central hub for all your tools, projects, communication channels, documents, and notes.

**What do we need to get there?**

So far, we're killing it at developing the core product and pulling the right levers to move our growth along. However, we're very keen on leveraging an audience to launch Tomo.

**Where are we going with this?**

Tomo has never been about to-do lists, calendars, or project management. The one thing Tomo has always been about is helping people work better. This doesn't mean just building a better Trello, Google Calendar, or Asana. This isn't about building the Superhuman of to-do lists. This is about completely re-thinking how we work and how we interact with our tools. We don't want to build another run-of-the-mill to-do list app. We want to build the one tool of the future. This means not only tackling tasks and calendars, but tackling how we share information, documents, and files with our teams. We're building the next Trello, Google Calendar, G Suite, Asana, and much, much, more.

**What we're looking for:**

We are — and always will be — a product-driven company. We're engineers and makers at heart. Our core focus as a team right now is to build a beautiful product that people will absolutely love. We're looking for a fellow die-hard maker and product-builder to join our team as a wearer of many hats. The ideal candidate has experience building and launching beautiful products and building audiences, and goes against the grain. We're looking for someone who wants to be an important part of a small team, to build something incredible, and to have loads of fun doing it.

**What you'll do:**

Once you're hired, you're more than an early employee — you're part of the tribe. If you join the team, you'll play a very important role within the company. You'll have almost full autonomy over our waitlist-building + engagement strategy, building viral loops on social networks like Twitter, and building brand unity.

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