Head of Enterprise SaaS Product Marketing

Remote (United States)
San Francisco, CA +1

Clutch is transforming lending for credit unions to enhance the financial well-being of US consumers. The average American carries over $155,000 in household debt. Unlike fintech lenders and for-profit banks that often issue high-interest loans, credit unions operate as non-profit lenders offering lower cost loans.

Clutch, an A16Z backed vertical SaaS company, develops software that turns credit unions into FinTechs and empowers them to serve 130M Americans.

We are tripling in revenue in 2023, have 110 months of cash runway and strong Product Market Fit. Our rapid growth has seen us expand from a single-digit customer base to a diverse portfolio of medium to very large enterprise customers.

We are an ambitious team passionate about redefining lending and account opening via credit unions. Our vision is to establish credit unions as market leaders in lending through consumer/fintech grade member experiences that integrate seamlessly with enterprise backends.

At Clutch, our Product Marketing efforts are instrumental in turning this vision into reality.

You'll be responsible for:

  • Drive knowledge dissemination to the pre-sale (Enterprise AEs) and post-sale (Enterprise CSMs, Sr Implementation Engineers) teams enabling those teams to tie together the whole Clutch story effectively, confidently, consistently and correctly without needing founders to show up and fill those gaps.

  • Develop engaging and scalable content as well as training to help all parts of the organization speak to our product authoritatively, effectively, confidently, consistently and correctly. 

  • Make our team members understand concepts rather than information to effectively navigate “questions not yet asked”.

  • Create content for every feature leveraging metrics, case studies, competitive analyses, references and testimonials to tell a story around how the product delivers business outcomes.

  • Re-frame metrics that matter and why (e.g. look-to-book arguably goes against organizational goals). 

  • Address intended scope of the product – what does it (not) do by design – and create FAQs to prevent stakeholders perceiving unanswered questions as product gaps.

  • Proactively answer the “why behind the why” and be in a position to see around the corner and able to answer related questions that “have not previously been asked”.

  • Build “How to …” guides for products / features to help accelerate adoption of new releases and reduce friction. 

  • Leverage Credit Union domain expertise to add content around how the Product fits into the bigger picture tech stack of Credit Unions.

  • Own the delivery, training and retention of the information and be held accountable for the effective usage of the collateral.

  • The goal is NOT to create content. If we have great content that nobody uses, this role has failed.

  • The goal is to get our team to use high quality content effectively so it makes their job easier.

  • Outline opportunities for change management on the clients’ side by aligning the Product’s features with their desired business outcomes.

  • Develop product / feature positioning and messaging that differentiates our offering.

  • Publish technology-related thought-leadership pieces to accelerate sales cycles, product adoption and change management.

  • Generate buzz & awareness for new releases within the company as well as externally.

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