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Director of Product Marketing

Remote Austin, TX

Who are we?

The 4M story is likely one you haven’t heard before: we are on a mission to create a global map of the subsurface, to do for the world below ground what Google Maps did for the world above. Achieving this goal requires amazing products and technology, which both come from having strong teams built of great people who love to collaborate, innovate, and solve complex challenges. We’re a well-funded organization, having just raised over $40M from top-tier investors like Insight Partners. We’re currently a team of 100 strong and are proud to announce that Noam Bardin, CEO of Waze, is an advisor.

Who are you?

You are a storyteller. You have magical powers that can take a seemingly uninteresting topic and make it seem like the hottest thing since sliced bread. You communicate quickly and easily, relate to customer challenges, and can concisely communicate a value proposition in your sleep. If you were a cat, you’d be in trouble because you’re extremely curious and want to know everything about something to understand it inside and out. When it comes to working with a team, you thrive in a collaborative and very fast-paced environment and enjoy being the one who is the product’s most prominent advocate and the customer’s best friend. You will report directly to the VP of Marketing from 4M Analytics, and ultimately you will drive the GTM messaging and build a robust Product Marketing team within the organization.


Mission :

  • Collaborate consistently with product, sales and demand generation teams to be in complete sync 
  • Create messaging for a brand new marketplace springboarding off of outdated industry tools and platforms that Cavemen may have used in prehistoric times
  • Take the lead on our internal and external new product launches which highlight features, and solutions
  • Become the point person and face that informs customers and prospects exciting, new features that drive industry innovation through the 4M Platform
  • Build a robust and helpful sales enablement library to aid the sales team in their selling journey so that they all are able to confidently communicate our vision and value as well as the competitive differentiation 


You will be a great fit for the Director of Product Marketing role if you are:

  • Proven thought leader who excels in communicating through both internal and external presentations and webinars, competitive intelligence, positioning, and personas, as well as is comfortable being the “friendly face” to the customers for our New and Noteworthy Product Newsletter
  • Can build trust and consultative relationships with external stakeholders
  • Passionate about evolving innovative and compelling products and solutions by evaluating our customer's changing needs, relevant market trends, the competitive business landscape
  • Highly organized and able to carefully prioritize activities


  • Passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity
  • Minimum 5 years of product marketing experience with B2B enterprise technology or SaaS industry
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Strong leadership experience
  • Hands on experience with building out positioning statements, buyer personas and competitive intelligence
  • Demonstrated ability in writing and delivering narratives to position and sell products in interesting and creative ways
  • Able to keep up with the fast and demanding pace of a startup

Diverse Perspectives:

We know that innovation thrives in teams where diverse points of view come together to solve hard problems. As such, we explicitly seek people that bring diverse life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds, diverse cultures, and diverse work experiences. Please be prepared to share with us how your perspective will bring something unique and valuable to our team.

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