Contract Product Marketing Role for Leading Open Source and Open Science Community (~20 hours/week)


Job Description

NumFOCUS is looking for an experienced Product Marketer for part-time contracting for our leading open source community. The ideal contractor enjoys creating compelling content about open science and open source projects that are foundational to the data/AI/ML landscape. You have excellent writing skills, understand the subtleties of open source and open science, and can author blogs, website content, and presentations with ease, speed, and enthusiasm.



● Develop messaging and positioning. Create our messaging narrative that explains our mission, differentiators, and value to our constituents: Potential open source projects (our client technical community), corporate donors, academic institutions, open source communities, other nonprofits, and government entities.

● Author website, blog, presentation, ‘demand gen’ content. Write content for our website, including use cases, success stories, and service offerings. One of the key content goals is to tell our story in a way that is understandable to our technical community and the broader donor audience. This includes content on how our projects are used and how they solve important problems for the earth and mankind, as well as humanizing technical achievements to reach a broader funding audience.

● Create fundraising and development content. Work with our fundraising staff to customize decks, messaging, and one-pagers for donor personas.

● Community content curation and creation. Our community of projects is rich in technical content around open source and science. This role will work with our developer advocacy team and projects directly to curate content that can be used for technical blogs and make the content more broadly consumable for blogs and social media to relate to fund-raising sources that may not be as technical.



● 5-10 years experience with open source, data, AI, analytics. You understand the technical landscape and can write about it. You may have been a product marketer at commercial companies in these domains. You understand open source communities.

● You are a curious, technical thinker -- you understand the market of open source frameworks and libraries and enjoy discovering how they are applied. You can relate the applications back to value and use cases.

● Experience building marketing content for technical buyers and constituents. Comfortable learning about innovative technologies and scientific applications.  

● Excellent communication and presentation skills – written and verbal.

● Ideally have a Bachelor of Science in a technical degree such as engineering, computer science, data science, or equivalent.

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